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bridgineer profile in my StrengthsFinder assessment, this website serves a similar core role of a bridgineer, to bridge people to information and key resources, to bridge people with people.

This website is created to connect people who are interested in teaching, learning, discussing or researching about living and thriving in a life filled with cross-cultural navigations and transitions. This website aims to be helpful for anyone who might be a Third culture kid or adult, or a cross-culture kid or adult, or just someone who is interested in these conversations. This website will feature more videos, resources and authentic stories from TCK/TCA gurus, TCK/TCA researchers, or TCKs/TCAs, with hopes of providing more open spaces eventually for those who are Eastern, Southern, South-East Asian, or who have lived in East, South, and South-East Asia.

Please feel free to connect via the form below.

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Thanks for your interest in my research and the resources. Get in touch with any questions or comments regarding your thoughts on this topic. I’d love to hear from you.

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