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TCKCF Roots Ministry

Finding Inspiration in Every Transition

This space is a great opportunity to meet returning Singaporeans, fellow TCKs or internationals who have lived an international, cross-cultural, and mobile lifestyle.

Join us for our monthly activities. We love to chat, makan, play games, have fun and volunteer. We can be serious too...

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Asian Cuisine

Our Story

This started in 2018, with many of us coming together to continue meeting up after our first Re-entry Retreat, jointly organised by Asian Christian Training Institute (ACTI), Third Culture Kids Care Fellowship (TCKCF), and mission agencies.

Meet our Groups

Our events

Fast Food

Monthly get-togethers

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Lunch


Jungle River

Hikes, and impromptu activities

Square Stage

Join us!

We currently meet on zoom, and go out in small groups within the latest restriction guidelines. If you would like to check us out, please fill up the inquiry form here

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