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Third Culture Kids Care Fellowship TCKCF

The TCKCF was set up about 20 years ago in Singapore, and registered with the Registry of Society in Singapore. To read the history of the TCKCF, click here.

This webpage is specially created for TCKCF as a subpage within the Thirdcultureliminal website. Please feel free to browse the resources beyond the page but if you have any enquiries, kindly send your inquiry here.

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The TCKCF aims to provide support to the Christian missionary family or Christians who have lived cross-culturally and internationally, with a special focus on children who are raised in families with global experiences, also known as “Third Culture Kids” or TCKs.

We aim to bring awareness about the strengths and struggles of living a cross-cultural and mobile lifestyle. and organise activities that support TCKs adjust to life back in Singapore through helping them to integrate into the Singapore education system, work life, church life and Singapore culture. We promote and advocate the importance of member-care and overall care provided in churches, especially highlighting the psychosocial needs of TCK individuals and families facing global transitions. 

Goals 2021-2022

  • Awareness: To raise awareness of TCK/TCK family issues that accompany an internationally-mobile life of cross-cultural transitions, to churches, Christian organisations, mission organisations, missionaries, Christians, and to other relevant spaces (e.g. mental health profession). 

  • Bridge: To bring together expertise, experience, and questions, for collaborative and collective wisdom, to support the development and implementation of thoughtful, well-considered actions for TCKs and their families.

  • Support: To provide or collaborate with guest speakers/service providers to provide expertise, programs, or resources that inform and support TCKs and TCK-related issues.


We aspire to be a bridge that brings together expertise, experience, and research, to promote awareness and support for the needs of TCKs and their families, through training, connections, and consultation, to the Christian community in Singapore. 

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Roots ministry in TCKCF

If you are between the age of 12 to 35, and would like to connect with others with similar experiences of having lived cross-culturally and moving across countries, this is the space for you!


Here are some links to resources which you might find helpful. 

Connecting with other TCKs

Please sign up for the TCK group you would like to join in the next page - Roots Ministry! 

Connecting & Growing deeper

Look out for our Teh Tarik Connection zooms & Webinars, or Re-entry retreats, happening

in 2022!

Past seminars:

"Understanding the impact of cross-cultural Transitions";

Panel discussions from local Singaporean TCKs & parents of TCKs.

Is there a topic you wish to discuss? Drop us a note! 


If you require consultation on some matters related to TCK-issues and transitions, please connect with us and indicate your request in the inquiry form below.

We would love to connect with you as a community
To join the TCKCF community,
please sign up here.

Your application will be reviewed and someone will get in touch with you.

FAQ: Wondering if you are eligible to join us ?
All Christians are welcome, especially if you are a TCK/MK, or a parent of  TCKs/Mks/BKs, or member care caregivers, or members of the missions committee, pastors, etc, etc - please join us!
Membership is Free for 2021-2022! 

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